Alan Green, GM at Lyncolec: 54 Years In The Making!

Lyncolec Ltd. are quietly celebrating something quite monumental this week. Alan Green is our General Manager and he is celebrating 54 YEARS cumulative experience in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry!

Alan has worked with many prestigious PCB manufacturers since 1967, and has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the industry and products which accompany it. Let's put that into context...

1970's: The introduction of the microprocessor integrated circuit which fast became the standard for all products manufactured within the electronics industry.

1980's: The digital age see's mass-produced electronic consumables like walkmans, games consoles, VHS players etc. Everybody has heard of an Atari, right?.. The introduction of the Gerber file launches large scale manufacture of PCB's to bring these products to market.

1990's: Some know this as the internet age. Obviously, those classic dial-up modems are archaeic compared to the 5Ghz wifi-enabled modems we all use at home today. However, the PCB's used had come a long way at this point... The introduction of the silicon computer chip lead to more complex board designs with mind-blowing integrated circuitry. We're talking about multi-layer, flex and flex/rigid, blind and buried vias, all seen in items from a home television to a Mars rover! A good PCB design team is crucial for a large and successful PCB manufacturer as this is where the talent was required - no more handmade boards!

2000 Onwards: The demand for advanced PCB's and circuitry throughout the hybrid age has exploded! You see the handheld smartphone you probably have in your hand to read this? Well... just google how many PCB's are inside, then image search to view the complexity (the same applies if you are viewing on any another device). We're talking about multi-composite high-speed laminated scultpured flex oojamaflips with more computing power than Nasa's Apollo 11 (he probably watched that too). It is astounding to see the technological evolution over the last 50 decades.

It's safe to say we're in good hands - thanks Alan.

Lyncolec Ltd, Poole.

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