EuroTech invest in IPC4761 Type VII capped vias

EuroTech’s purchase of Epoxy Via Plugging and Planarizer PD50® systems will see a further increase in the company’s technical capability. The equipment, which was purchased as part of an ongoing investment programme, has been installed into EuroTech’s Exmouth facility. The process allows for a greater use of PCB real estate and increased track density and interconnect, including the option of Via in pad technology. This is particularly helpful with high speed signalling which enables finer BGA pad pitches and increased thermal dissipation.

The automated process vacuum fills copper plated drilled holes with an eproxy resin, before plating a flat copper pad over the hole. After the plating and filling operation, the epoxy filled holes are then ground back to the level of the original or substrate copper. The Planarizer PD50 grinding device moves uniformly over the board, leaving a perfectly flat, even surface.

This mechanised method of via filling and planing allows for use of smaller higher density ball grid arrays in the design, giving consistency and robustness to the resulting PCBs performance. Additionally it contributes to a more efficient, better quality assembly process.

David Douglas, Managing Director of The EuroTech Group, commented “Many market sectors now demand smaller, more sophisticated boards. The acquisition of Epoxy Via Plugging and Planarizer PD50® systems is one step in a series of investments being made in order to ensure we can confidently satisfy the needs of these customers both in terms of technical advancement and customer service.”

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