Eurotech Moves into Direct Imaging

EuroTech's Direct Imaging Machine

EuroTech has purchased a Direct Imaging machine for production of PCBs at its Exmouth facility. The machine is being used for 100% of both internal and external layers of the PCBs produced on site. The advantage of the digital based direct imaging system are manifold, but include more accurate and precise tracking on the PCBs, the ability to produce finer tracks, increased density, better registration and improved production efficiency and yields.

The DI machine is the latest in a series of installations designed to improve the company’s capability and capacity. This includes ultra-thin cores, increased layer counts and flex and flex rigid capabilities. David Douglas, Managing Director of EuroTech said, “The essence of our business is the ability to offer customers what they need in a short time frame in conjunction with volume production at competitive prices. We already offer PCBs with lead times from 24 hours; our latest investment will expand the range of technologies available on short lead times.”

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