Fire Recovery - Update

April saw a steady improvement in both output and yields, with both KPIs showing improvement, with output at 95% of target and yields at 96% of target. The most encouraging sign however was with regard to on time deliveries which beat the target of 98% on time to customer for the first time in 3 months. This included a number of FastTrack orders (under 5 days) all of which were completed on time.

Exmouth still has a reduced Multilayer capacity—we’re awaiting installation of the new advanced equipment that will ultimately increase our capacity and technology offering. However, we have recently completed some high technology trials, including products with multi stage bonds. It is our intention to build on this and continue to significantly increase layer counts/materials—whilst in parallel reducing feature sizes.

During the month we have taken delivery of our new Direct Metallisation and Layer Preparation lines, which are being installed and tested during May. In the meantime our new Develop Etch Strip & Chemical Clean lines have been signed off by our technical team and are in the process of being shipped.

The new Photomech cleanroom has been completed and is currently being fitted out ready to be brought into use during May.

Our new Plating Line and main Multilayer Press facilities are to be delivered and installed during June and July.

Report by EuroTech's Technical Team

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