Return of FastTrack (QTA) Service

EuroTech reintroduce their FastTrack (QTA) Service

EuroTech are delighted to reintroduce their FastTrack Service on orders placed with their UK production facility. This marks significant progress in EuroTech’s recovery plan, following the fire in their Exmouth factory last year.

A return to providing lead times from 24 hours, whilst maintaining excellent quality and customer service standards, means they can once again be one of the most flexible suppliers in the market. David Douglas, EuroTech’s Managing Director says, “Enabling our customers’ to be competitive is crucial to our success. We recognise their need for a quick turnaround service, particularly for prototypes and when managing their work flows, especially when experiencing an unexpected increase in demand.”

Extensive work has already taken place to refurbish the Exmouth site. The recovery program is on track to be finalised in the summer. When complete, EuroTech will not only re-establish themselves fully, but exceed their former capability and capacity.

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