With our combined UK manufacturing and offshore partners, we are one of the most flexible and competitive suppliers in Europe with a  comprehensive capability and capacity offering.

We pride ourselves in meeting exacting delivery timescales and the provision of quick turnaround across a range of volumes and technologies is central to our business strategy.

Tailoring delivery solutions from either the UK or our offshore partners, means we effectively and efficiently manage the PCB commodity supply chain.

Whether this is QTA, scheduled deliveries, stock holding or consolidated purchasing we will share our knowledge and experience to custom fit a solution to fulfil individual customers wants and needs. This ensures continuity of supply whilst maintaining a competitive edge.


One of our strategic goals is to ensure our customers' competitiveness.

A key element of this is lead-time, particularly QTA for prototypes/NPI or in larger volumes for unexpected demand or just to manage the peaks and troughs of business.

It is critical for us to maintain our flexibility to fully support our customers.  72% of our UK output is delivered in 10 working days or less from 24 hour lead times  - a testament to our dedication and focus.

EuroTech prides itself on its ability to continually meet demanding lead-times (from 24 hours) whilst still maintaining excellent quality standards.

QTA is a strategic niche for us within our wide customer base and the broader market, an area that demands performance and reliability.

Delivery Times

As referred to in our Fast Track service, 72% of our UK manufactured product is delivered within 10 working days or less from 24 hour lead times. Our off shore partners also offer flexibility.

We work closely with our customers to create bespoke logistic solutions; whether this be delivery schedules, ship to line, KANBAN stock holding at our Exmouth site or Consignment stock at the point of use at our customers facility.

We welcome open discussion in order to tailor the right solution for each customer.

Design for Manufacture

EuroTech has an experienced team of engineers who assess each customer design for manufacturability, technical viability/capability and cost effectiveness.

This is a vital part of our production process to ensure we provide an optimum service.  Feedback to customers is an ongoing and proactive process. We welcome open dialogue to ensure performance and cost guidelines are met.

Cost Competitive

Lean manufacturing is an initiative that many major businesses are adopting to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. The focus is on cost reduction by eliminating non value added activities.  EuroTech has implemented the tools and techniques of Lean Manufacturing, we are embracing these principles and have embarked on a 2 year programme of staff training at all levels.  As a result all members of staff are trained in continuous improvement and hold a Lean manufacturing qualification.  This forms part of our programme to drive forward efficiency initiatives to secure our competitiveness within the market.