Offshore Manufacture


When our customers have PCB requirements which do not suit UK manufacturing, such as very high volume and regular repeats, we can use our long established, close strategic partnerships with a number of offshore PCB manufacturers to meet their requirements. This gives the customer the advantage of overseas pricing whilst still ensuring they benefit from our high quality standards and superior levels of customer support.


To ensure that we keep full control of the entire process, we have a dedicated offshore office in China which employs a full time manager who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and a great deal of technical knowledge. As we employ people directly, rather than using an agent, we know that our customers' requirements are given top priority.


Competitive Advantage

Over the years we have made considerable engineering and financial investments in our partners and, as we spend millions of pounds with them every year, we have priority status and influence to insist our customer’s products get the attention and priority they deserve.


These offshore facilities act as an extension to our own UK capabilities.


Ease of Use

All our customers’ dealings are with the EuroTech office in the UK which removes many of the traditional problems with offshore sourcing such as language and time difference barriers. Our offshore manufacturing service includes UK engineering and a full UK audit of the finished products including 100% quality inspections and electrical testing (BBT).


Logistical Advantage

We offer a range of transport options from sea to air and a storage facility at our factory in Exmouth so that customers can order in bulk quantities to take advantage of better pricing without having to worry about storage capacity at their own facility. Stock can be called off on a scheduled or ad hoc basis and delivered the next day.


Quality Assured

All our offshore partners have a range of quality registrations and approvals including:

• UL approval

• ISO TS16949

• ISO9001

• ISO14001

• AS9001


Customers are welcome to visit any of our partners at any time if they would like to carry out their own audit.


Technology Range

The product range available from our offshore partners includes, but is not confined to:

• Multilayer up to 48 layers including HDI, blind buried via

• Double sided PTH PCB

• Single sided PCB

• Flex and Flex Rigid PCB

• Metal backed and heavy copper products


In Summary

Eurotech act as an extension of our Customers' purchasing department with the added benefit of local knowledge and efficiency of scale.