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Lyncolec's Product Range

We have an extensive range of technical capabilities.  Our experienced technical support staff are ready to assist you in the design and specification of boards for any application.

  • Single & Double Sided Flex

  • Multilayer Flex

  • Flex Rigid Multilayer

  • Sculptured Flex

  • Sculptured Flex Rigid Multilayer

  • Silver Brazed pin & tubelet technology (Pin flex)

  • Hybrid Constructions

  • Surface Mount Interconnects (SMI)

  • Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS)

  • Reversed Bared

  • Chip on Board (COB)

  • Single & Double Sided Rigid

  • Multilayer Rigid (Layer count dependent on Aspect Ratio)

  • Component Assembly PCBA, FPCBA & MPCBA

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Please contact us for more details of our products and service