Eurotech Moves into Direct Imaging

EuroTech has purchased a Direct Imaging machine for production of PCBs at its Exmouth facility. The machine is being used for 100% of both internal and external layers of the PCBs produced on site. The advantage of the digital based direct imaging system are manifold, but include more accurate and precise tracking on the PCBs, the ability to produce finer tracks, increased density, better registration and improved production efficiency and yields. The DI machine is the latest in a series of installations designed to improve the company’s capability and capacity. This includes ultra-thin cores, increased layer counts and flex and flex rigid capabilities. David Douglas, Managing Director o

Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year is only a few working weeks away, here at EuroTech we want to make sure your production runs smoothly with no delays. Over Chinese New Year, production facilities across China shut down for at least a week, and because our partners understand the cultural importance of this holiday for their employees, they are no exception. Chinese new year can affect lead times from January to March. Please contact EuroTech's sales team for more information or call 01395 280100

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