We successfully support nearly 400 active customers from across Europe.

We strive for excellence of supply and service across the wide range of sectors that this represents, and indeed their diverse needs.

Giving competitive advantage is central to our values, our customers rely on us  - a responsibility we take very seriously.


We have a long experience in supplying both the Automotive and Rail sectors.

Clearly safety in both these sectors is a key driver and hence quality of supplied product is very important.

The growth in electronics has been exponential, driving a huge need in DFM/NPI and very quick lead times, ideally suited to the Eurotech strategy and model.

Volume supply from our offshore partners ( holding ISO TS16949 as appropriate) has continued to grow and be successful – therefore offering full Prototype to Volume supply solution.


The EuroTech group has been supporting PCB manufacturing within the Defence and Aerospace market sectors for many years.  We support key European OEMs across a wide range of projects. DFM input is often part of our service package, we understand that reliability is paramount, as is flexibility in lead-times and cost control. We continually pursue excellence in these areas.

We are approved to AS9100D and offer our customers full technical and customer service support with the guarantee of fully traceable product.


The medical sector demands precision, reliability and quality, product can often be life critical, EuroTech have supplied a wide range of PCBs for many years across an increasingly diverse and complex range of products such as specialist monitoring and diagnostic equipment, lighting and defibrillators.


A broad sector with ever more demanding technical needs.

Typically supported by both our  UK manufacturing facilities and off shore partners, this sector often needs the combination of DFM and QTA demand in the UK, supported with lower cost solutions from our partners often with customer specific logistic solutions.

The overall offering and performance is key, combined with flexibility within technology and base materials.


We recognise that this is a very dynamic sector, constantly evolving in the pursuit off innovation and speed.

We are aware of the flexibility required in our technical capabilities and base material offering.

Eurotech supports the demand for increased layer count and signal speeds, often required on short lead times.

With the combination of our UK manufacturing and off shore partners we are often seen as the ideal suppler in this field.

Instrumentation/Industrial and Safety

By its nature a very diverse portfolio of customers and needs, both in technology and delivery requirements.

Product can vary across instrumentation, test,sensors and safety amongst many others.

Often supported by a combination of the flexibility of our UK site as well as the volume/cost ability of our off shore partners.

Customer service and bespoke logistic/delivery solutions are key to a successful partnership, the combination of which has given EuroTech significant organic growth within this sector.