Our UK based PCB manufacturing service has the capability to provide high-end products and services which meet the tightest deadlines, broadest technology requirements and highest quality tolerances.

Products include:
• Multilayers up to 24 layers
• Buried and Blind Via Multilayers
• Metal Backed and depth milled PTFE circuits

Our modern, dedicated, AS 9100C certified PCB production facility, built specifically for us and opened in early 2011, employs around 120 people and has a manufacturing plant area of 4,000m2. Brand new equipment installed in the factory includes the main plating line, desmear, etch line, drill and routing machines and testers. To further enhance the advantages gained from our increased capabilities and capacity we are embracing the principles of lean manufacturing and are embarking on a 2 year programme of staff training at all levels – this will bring a variety of benefits to both our staff and our customers.

We have focused our technical development on multilayer manufacture in all its shapes and guises from simple 4 layer through to difficult buried and blind via to composite PTFE/FR4 products.

Our bonding facility includes a Lauffer RMV125 fully automatic twin hot/single cold press complete with three semi- automatic lay-up stations. A separate inner layer manufacturing line has been developed to handle rigid down to 0.1mm. This separate line ensures fine line inner layers are manufactured to the highest possible quality.

A fully automatic exposure unit guarantees side to side register of less than 25µm significantly improving layer to layer register within the multilayer stack. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) completes the quality control of the multilayer product.

In conjunction with our sister company TWM Technology, metal backed PTFE and depth milled PCBs are now also part of our facility’s normal output.

EuroTech offers delivery schedules from prototype through to large volume scheduled KANBAN where the customer places the order and we then take on the responsibility for their complete PCB supply including ship to line.